I would like to congratulate you on taking your first step towards reaching your fitness goals. There is a long, yet rewarding road ahead of you and I am dedicated to helping you get there. As we begin this journey we create a partnership of trainer and client, and it is important that you understand my role as I lead you down your path to success. Therefore I have created a creed.

As a trainer:

I can help you and inspire you, but I cannot cure you.

I can give you the proper education but I cannot do the work for you.

I can encourage you and challenge you but I cannot prevent the natural peaks and valleys of your fitness journey.

I can walk you through the process, but I can’t guarantee it will be easier.

I can believe in you but you must believe in yourself.

I can hope for years of active living, but only you can choose to be active.

I can make you stronger, but I can’t make you indestructible.

I can hope that your success will inspire others’ success, but you must believe success is possible.

I can give you the best of my experience, knowledge, and encouragement but in the end, it is you, my client, who must decide and commit to living the life that I know is possible for you.

I know that only you can make it happen, only you can open yourself up to the realities of healthy living and allow yourself to be inspired. I am privileged everyday to inspire you and the rest of the world to fitness.

When you live by this kind of creed, you create an environment of trust that helps clients take ownership of their success or failure. When you give them the power to choose to succeed, you become an agent of change and a conduit for success. This is crucial to retaining clients. When they perceive you as a critical part of their team, renewal stops being optional and starts being positively essential.