As years pass by, Showcase Fitness and its team of Personal Trainers has worked side-by-side with hundreds of individuals bringing a refreshing and challenging experience to the San Antonio Texas fitness community through High Intensity Athletic Training. Offering an array of Boot Camps several times throughout the day, our Personal Trainers deliver an exhilarating and energetic environment for individuals of all fitness levels. Thus allowing for each client to reach their highest potential.

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Personal Training

Boot Camp

Sports Specific Training

Resistance Band Training


Opening Hours


6am - 9pm

Showcase Fitness Group Class Schedule

Monday: 8am 10am 4:30pm 7:45pm

Tuesday: 4:30pm 8pm

Wednesday: 8am 10am 4:30pm 7:45pm

Thursday: 4:30pm 7:45pm

Friday: 8am 10am

Sunday: 10am

7 Days


Jose Esquivel

Principal Train-for-Life Educator

Experienced Personal Trainer who focuses on methodical training approaches that achieve greater health, maintain or improve physical wellbeing and increase overall quality of life.

"Fitness is a journey, not a destination.

Constantly grow and improve."

Experience, Education and Certificates

Founder and Owner of Showcase Fitness in 2008

Co-Founder, Principal Turn Up Fitness, 2014

Personal Training-The Hills Health Club (Ex. Training) Austin. TX, 2003-2005

Personal Training-Gold's Gym, 2005-2007

Personal Training-CrossFit San Antonio, 2007-2013

National Academy of Sports Medicine: Certified Personal Trainer

Coopers Institute: Certified Personal Trainer

CPR/First Aid/AED Certifications

About Jose

With over a decade in personal training for a wide variety of clients, with a broad range of fitnes profiles, Jose is well-versed in helping customers get leaner, make huge strides in their strength and conditioning, and transform their bodies and lives.

A dedicated student of the science and technology of physical fitness, Jose Esquivel designs group and individual training programs that are carefully balanced to take advantage of the human body's efficiency ad adaptability, delivering greater strength, endurance, and mobility. Through core-strengthening training, clients are able to perform functional movements safely, improve their overall strength and wellness, learn to work smarter, not harder, and most importantly, have some fun while they do it.


Group and Personal Training. (Teens, adults, seniors.)

Boot Camps.

Cross-Training, Body fat reduction, Muscle Toning, High-Intensity, Core Integration.

Injury Recovery and Prevention.

Optimized Professional Sports Performance Training.

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